Welcome to our Website. European Golden Retrievers in the States is a non-profit group dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the admirable qualities found in Purebred British type Golden Retrievers here in America. We are proud to advocate for the GRCA/AKC approval of the cream coated dogs as full equals in the breed.

While many folks prefer the term English or British Golden Retriever we prefer to use the term EUROPEAN as a way of honoring all breeders who have worked to develop and improve the breed, not only in the British Isles, but on the Continent as well. Our official logo does incorporate the flag of the United Kingdom to reflect the origins of this lovely sporting dog -- THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER.

Our breed club is a non-profit group that supports the breed variously known as, White Golden Retrievers, Light Color Golden Retriever, English Crème Retriever, English Cream Golden, British Cream.